Logical Wireless has been building high-end gaming PCs since 2011. We focus on building gaming desktops specifically designed for the most astute PC gamers. By partnering with industry recognized brands such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, Western Digital, Asus, MSI, and many more, our gaming computers are built using trusted components designed to meet any price point.

The three questions we’re often asked, “What is a gaming pc?” You can think of a gaming PC as a beefed-up PC with higher and more powerful components to run the latest and greatest games. A gaming PC typically would have a more powerful central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU), memory or RAM, and larger storage units. Also, “What is the best gaming PC for my budget?” The budget for your next gaming PC will really depend on the need for your next PC. We have gaming PCs starting as low as $499 and all the way to $5000+. Before picking out a PC, it is essential to know what you’ll be doing with the gaming PC, from just gaming to content creating on the side. This will ultimately decide your final budget and specifications of your next PC. And lastly, “What is the biggest priority in a gaming PC?” If you’re interested in a gaming PC, we would highly suggest following the priority of CPU, GPU, Memory/RAM, Motherboard, and lastly storage.

Whether you’re looking for the best gaming computer to show off at your next LAN party, or are searching for some gaming PC deals aligned with your squad’s holiday budget, Logical Wireless is your all in one gaming PC store for top tier PC gaming, live streaming, and content creation. However you game, #WeGotYou.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a gaming pc?

A gaming pc is a much more powerful system compared to normal computers. The components within a gaming pc can run tasks and games with better proficiency. With games requiring better hardware to run, gaming pc are the perfect solution to run up and coming games and can double as a pc for work/school. 

What is the best gaming pc for me?

Whether you’re a new gamer or seasoned gamer the best gaming pc for you will depend on your situation. For newer gamers or those looking to transition from console gaming to pc gaming, a starter pc will be a great choice. While those looking to upgrade their current systems can customize a gaming pc on our configurator page.

What is the biggest priority in a gaming pc?

The core specs to boost your PC gaming experience includes the CPU (we carry the latest generation of from Intel and AMD processors), NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon GPU, memory/RAM, Motherboards, and storage – ideally an SSD for faster read/write speeds.


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Services We Provide In-Store

Logical Wireless is dedicated to providing the best customer service and the most dependable repair services available to you. When your iMac, MacBook, iPhone, Windows Laptop, Desktop, PC, or any other electronic device needs an upgrade, repair, or service, you can be assured that the trained and certified technicians at Logical Wireless have your back! Our technicians are skilled in dealing with all types of repairs, services, and upgrades for a variety of different brands, makes, and models – all at a fair price and backed by a limited warranty!

PC Repair

Having Computer Problems? We’ll solve them. We’re who you call when your computer runs slow and your programs stop working

Cell Phone Repair

Broken Screen? Bad Battery? Our experts can fix any Issue you are having with your phone.

MAC Repair

We offer high-quality parts and reliable repairs across all iMac’s and MacBook’s without the premium price.

Software Installation

Did your favorite program stop working? We can get it working correctly and help you retain your saved data.

Hardware Update

Upgrading your computer is much easier and less expensive than replacing it. Let’s get it running fast again!

Custom Built Computers

Our custom computers come with a free 3 year warranty. Let us build you a computer tailored to your needs.

Malware and Virus Removal

Through years of experience we have the most advanced and thorough cleanups

Laptop Repair

Laptop stop working? Did you drop it? Don’t worry! Our qualified, friendly laptop repair technicians will bring it back to life.

Data Backup and Recovery

We can help you back up your important personal data (photos, videos, documents, school work, etc.) to disk or cloud storage with no hassles.

Why People Love Us

Here is a few reasons why people keep coming back to us for all electronic repairs ad sales.


Our customers deserve reliable repairs and service they can depend on. That’s why all of our repair services come with a 30 day limited warranty!


We pride ourselves on being your #1 rated local technology experts. You can rely on us to take care of you in your time of need.


We have built our reputation on the attention to details and our loyal service to our customers over the last 12 years.


Our business has been built on trust, integrity and customer satisfaction. Feel free to browse our Google / Facebook reviews.


We take pride in providing you with the best customer service experience. We’re here for all of your technology needs!


We will diagnose your device and provide you with affordable options. We always have your best interest in mind.