Is your glass touchscreen broken? If so, a quick and easy screen replacement will do the trick!

If your iPad display is black, or your LCD is showing funky lines and inverted colors, an LCD replacement will fix the issue.

If your iPad is dying at random percentages instead of slowly draining to zero percent, a new battery is needed.

If your iPad is not charging properly or not registering when plugged into a charger, then replacing the port will likely help.

Need your broken iPad fixed? You are in the right place! Above you will find a list of our most common repairs – If you like what you see, feel free to drop by at your convenience. We are a walk-in shop, so no appointments are necessary. If your iPad problem is not mentioned above, give us a buzz – we’re here to help! Stuck buttons, earpiece/speaker/sound issues, broken headphone jacks – we can fix virtually anything on these devices.


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