iPhone Repair Services

Broken Screen / LCD

If your glass screen is shattered or cracked, or you see vertical or colored lines, a quick and easy screen replacement should do the trick.

Charging Port

If your charger does not plug in properly, or your iPhone cannot charge, you may need a new charging port.

Compromised Battery Life

If your battery dies quickly, or at random percentages, especially in cold weather, a new battery should do the trick.

Motherboard Doesn’t Work

We repair common motherboard issues such as touch sensor malfunction, audio issues, boot looping, not charging, no power, etc. 

Water Damage

If water or liquid got inside your iPhone, shut it off, and contact us right away. Don’t waste your time with rice! 

Data Recovery

If you’re looking to recover lost data from your iPhone (photos, contacts, etc.), this is the service for you! 

Above you will find a list of our most common repairs – If you like what you see, feel free to drop by at your convenience. We are a walk-in shop, so appointments are not necessary. Most iPhones can be fixed in thirty minutes or less. In cases of water exposure, or other serious damage, we may need a bit more time. Don’t fret if you don’t see your iPhone repair listed above. Just give us a buzz or shoot us a quick email – we’re here to help sort out even the most obscure issues!